Forgeting Someone or Something

There are many way to forget someone or some memories like make yourself busy or trying to get away from him/her,get away from the place wich remind you of him/her,throw the things that remind you of him/her to the trash.

Yes, it works for some people. But for me it doesn’t work. Why? Here’s the reason.

First, make my self busy? Trust me, it just waste time and energy. Because after I finish my activity, I’ll remember it again.

Second, get away from everything wich remind me with the people or memories I want to forget. That’s doesn’t works to me. Because I still remember it and that’s more stronger to hurt me.

And third, I don’t want hate someone or something.

So I have another solution.

  1. Don’t make yourself busy, but try to remember the time you spent with him/her. When you happy and sad, try to remember that time. Find the reason why he/she so meaningful for you before.
  2. Keep stay contact with him/her but not to intens like before you did. Then you can let him/her go slowly.
  3. Share. This is important. You have to share with your friend or if you too shy to do that share your feeling in book or write it in blog. Read what you write over and over.
  4. Keep praying to God. God is the only and the best way to solve all of your problem.

That’s works for me. What about you? 😀


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