World In Your Mind

I’m just done reading a book, the title is “The Secret”. The books talking about how this word works to us. We can get anything we want, just keep positive think, dreaming, make your way to catch you dream and it just like make a wish to a genie. Your dreams is come true.

And you know what? I believe that book, because it hapen to me. One years ago, I have an exam to pass my high school and be a collegan. All of my friends so nervous with that exam but I don’t. I said to my friend that she not need to worry about that exam, just keep think positive and study together with me. But she said that she can’t do that because she lazy, not a smart girl, and bla bla bla. I said to all of my friends never think like that because what you say will come to real if you keep think like that. They listening to me and change their mind. And you know what? Now they pass their last exam and college in a favourite state university in Indonesia. WOW!!

So now, STOP think negative and satart think positive for yourself. And always think what you want to say because maybe what you say will come true. Remember, this world is genie and you are Alladin. “Your words is command for this world”


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