Harry Potter and Matrix Age

Do you ever hear that title? Yes, it is a movie title. Daniel Radcliff played as Harry Potter in Harry Potter 1-7 and Keanu Reeves as Neo in Matrix. I’m sure everyone in this earth knows that. But you know what? Believe it or not we have similarity with both movies.

In Matrix, it tell that the world which Neo life before just a computer program. Everything he do, touch, eat, smell and hear is fake. Or the easy way I call that a dream. And suddenly he met someone who tell him the truth. The truth that his life so different from what he felt during his time. It more worst than he thought. In our life, we walk, eat, work, we fall in love, our properties, our family, beloved person and our life will gone or I can say we will die someday. Our life right now is not immortal, our earth is just like a bus stop, and one day in the end of the world God will show it to us. What we earn when we still alive it will gone. What we doing, will be showed in the front of God and the whole people in the world in Judgments day. Then God can throw us into hell or bring us with the angel up to heaven. Hell and Heaven that’s a Matrix for me.

In Harry Potter, we know that Harry Potter learn magic in a magic school called Hogwarts. In Hogwarts Harry Potter learn many spell like change Boggart (unknown creature, makes people fear come true) into a joke with Riddikulus spell and to fight his enemy, Voldemort. Besides Voldemort he has another enemy, Dementor. Dementor is a creature which taking people happiness and left sadness, pain and sorrow. Dementor can be defeated with Patronus spell. It just needs a strong happy thought. In our life is full with Boggart and Dementor it just need positive think and happy thought to defeated them.

You want to live in a movie or you want the movie show how to live? You decided.


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