30 Minutes

“Every your single word hurt me. Didn’t you realize that, huh?! Don’t try to say a word to me again. NEVER!!”
Two years after…
“Why you don’t greet me?”
“Those eyes, not allow me.”
“I thought my heart beating too fast. My chest hurt.”
“I’m a coward. Say ‘Hi!’ too hard for me.”
“Try it. At least you won’t curious anymore.”
Eyes contact… 1… 2… 3…
Inside, “Don’t say a word.”
“Have you arrived home? Send me a message. I’m your next visitor if you allow me. :))”
This is silent, too silent. Suddenly the air becomes cool, very cool.
“Say something!”
“I can’t.”
“Thanks God, for slowing down the time. Thirty minutes for other, like 2 years Cold War for me.”
“..tega itu, 30 menit, 1 sisi dan diam. Setelah 2 tahun tanpa kata dan suara..”
Thirty minutes with you and all I can do is silence. Only 30 minutes, and I have a little heart attack over two days. What if more than 30 minutes? Or what if at the time I talk to you? Big possibility I’ll suicide. I’m going to die because I know (from your eyes), you still can’t forgive me. You know? This is more painful than toothache and broken heart because of a boy.

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