Happy New Year Wishes & Confession

Happy New Year dear brother, sister, mom, dad, uncle, aunty, cousin, nephew, grand father and grand mother. Is there anyone I haven’t mentioned? Happy new year to you too…

We all know what we going through and I hope Allah will strengthen our hearts and carve better pathways for us. We’re in this together so never give up.

Happy New Year, dear God.

At this time, I don’t feel deserve talking to You. Much guilty, much mistakes I’ve made all this time. Either way, you are always there. I’m counting my blessing, and I’m keeping my battle scars, for one day I know, there will only be day of happiness. Now, I don’t feel like talking to You because I don’t understand You, but most of the times still cry out to You. Thank you for surrounding me with my loved ones, please give us all a better year, a better path, a better self and never ending compassion.

Happy New Year, Mom and Dad.

To witness your struggle is dying.

When we far apart, I die a little every time I got your message, your call, knowing that you are miles away, knowing deep inside of your mind thinking of me and my future. From now on, let me handle my future. Trust me. Believe that God above is not asleep, never. And God will help me (maybe) when either of you busy or sleeping from one of your tiring day. One day, in a fine day, someday, there will be no aching heart anymore.

Happy New Year, my dearest best friend, wherever you are.

Thank you for always being there, thank you for never being judgmental. Thank you for the smile.

Happy New Year, nice people.

Thank you for taking your time and stop by to read my stories. I hope I can entertain and enlighten you more and more.Happy New Year, Ai.Through every wound and bruises, you will always manage to smile and shine. You just know.

-from The Freaky Teppy, edited


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