Why I deserve to WIN?

Why I deserve to WIN Concordia University’s “La Joie de Montréal” contest?

Because I deserve.

This contest, personally, it would be useful to develop myself and of course to fell the new experience, new atmosphere, and culture at Montreal, Canada. It is like challenges for me. A new adventure. And I am a person who likes challenges and adventure. Explore the other side of this world.

Now, I am registered as a third year student in Diponegoro University. At my college, I have been enrolled as a Head Division of External Relation in my majoring, Public Administration, during last year which I have a responsible to control the relation of my majoring (Public Administration) with another majoring or university in Indonesia.

I have a dream. A big dream. My dream is to develop a relationship between my university, my especially majors with other universities in other countries. It would be nice if the Concordia University became the first university to establish relationships with universities, especially my major.

For that, I need many votes from YOU. Yes, you who read this, my friend. Please help to make my dream come true by clicking this link http://bit.ly/VoteForDewi

I want to live my life to the ABSOLUTE FULLEST.

To open my eyes to be all I can be. To travel the roads not taken, to meet faces unknown. To fell the wind. To touch the stars.

I promise to DISCOVER MYSELF. To stand tall with greatness. To chase down and catch every dream.


Thank you,

Best Regards,

Dewi Puspitasari


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