Hi Blog: Back to Basic

Nice to see that there’s still some people visiting this blog. Somehow I’m not really surprised anymore when some lewd keywords that directed the visitor to this blog. Again as usual, this blog has no such of content.

Oh, btw, HELLO!

Master… you’re back?

Yes, I’m back my loved one. For you.

I-I don’t know what to say.

You don’t need to say anything, I’m here aren’t I? It’s all that matter.

I’m happy, Master. :’)

You should be, because I’ve spent my nights doing “spring-cleaning” on you. This blog was too messy.

Like your mind perhaps?


So you know, few days ago a friend of mine tweet something about how nice it is to know that someone read what you wrote in a blog.

Think back about it, on early year when I started blogging it is an ecstatic feeling to know that someone visited this blog, telling me what they thought about what I wrote, to know that there is some people have a good laugh when they read my “dented reality”.

Long time ago on a summer break, my college-mate once told me her sister ask her whether she has gone mad or in need to seek some professional help because she’s laughing her ass off in front of a computer. It’s really an honor to have some kind of reaction like that. Enjoying a tale of my life.

My misery life .__.

On another side, I’ve become an active reader for few time back. Leaving some comment here and there, sharing some tips to new writer, simply enjoying the blogsphere.

There’s some time I’m thinking, “Let’s go write something again in your blog. Anything.”

I went to the blog dashboard, clicking the add new post icon, and finally able to write few sentences on it. But each time I’m almost finished, my scumbag mind decided to give itself a freedom of thinking.

“What if people don’t like what you wrote?” “People doesn’t need your story.” “Do you think the people you wrote for feel the same way about you?”

At that thought, I put off my hands from the keyboard. I keep my thought to myself.

But just few hours ago, a thought just pop up in my mind.

“Just write it. Write it for your one and only loyal reader. Yourself.”

So here I am now.

Lots of steps back and one step forward. Then another, then another, then another, and so on.

I have *another* new blogs in different platform.

Please, Master. Again?

Yes, again, because I forgot the damned email and username. I just remember the blog address.

So I have another blogs on blogger called Creative & Beyond and Papan Gambar. It’s still new and it will and have different contents with this blog. More like a geeky side of me writing about some geeky things, tutorial,  design, and stuffs. Both of it actually almost have the same content but with different language. Please do give a visit and tell me what you think. (You can find it under Blogsphere menu on the navigation bar or you can click the link bellow)

Creative & Beyond. (Content written in English)


Papan Gambar. (Content written in Bahasa Indonesia)


D-did you just use me again, Master? Are you going to abandon me like the rest of my early brother and sister?

That’s all folks for this morning! I’ll see you soon!


Can you stop calling me Master, Dear Bloggie? I feel like Christian Grey right now.

But, Master… Did you by any chance ever read 50 Shades of Grey? 

Wait, Master. Is that a cuff-link? And a chain? What are you going to with that blindfold?

I don’t know, Bloggie. Because my inner-goddess taking over me right now.

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