After The Movie Time

This is just some random thing on my head. I don’t know anything about physic. Well, maybe a little, no, just a tiny bit.

Sometimes a fictional story never as simple as we read because in it the author –consciously or not they put some real ideas for a real life.

Honestly, today is the first time I watch Captain America. Yes, I know I’m lame, blablabla. I can’t help but noticed this thing from the movie. Whoever wrote the story, I have the same mind/ideas/imagination with him/her. About the Tesserat weapon. Seriously, because not long time ago, I have little conversation on Twitter with my ex dorm mate about nuclear weapon. It started with a tweet actually. She tweeted a song lyric, Titanium by David Guetta feat Sea. You know that in the lyric it said, “I’m a bullet proof. I’m Titanium.” She tweeted about that and I replied jokingly with calling Kim Jong-un to test his nuclear weapon on her. Then she replied, “I said its bullet proof not nuclear-proof.” Well, I have another mind. What if someone able to made nuclear as a nuclear weapon and it could kill people like dust? No need corpse to burry or throw to somewhere. Less hassle, right? Save more spot for graveyards. No remaining DNA left to proof any crime that had been done by some criminal. How scary the world would be? Okay, I don’t know about the possibility for it would happen. I hadn’t start my research (Google research) about nuclear and stuff. But if nuclear is impossible maybe another matter could do it? I’ve heard about anti-matter, but it’s not that handy. Maybe in the future? All greatest weapons on those superhero movies always started with unlimited resources for human needs of energy. More energy.

I believe all those physics formula started from a crazy imagination. All the invention that happened started with lots of crazy imagination and ‘what if’.

So let me ask some questions here. Does a fictional story just a fiction? Does your bed time story just another sleeping pill for you? Does the history book you read just another written past on your text book?

Do I sound stupid with this post?

Maaf kan saya dengan posting berbahasa Inggris ini yang entah bagaimana kabar grammar saya. Saya hanya berusaha meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris. Silahkan benarkan saya kalau ada kata atau grammar yang salah. Do correct me if I’m wrong, I’d appreciate that. 🙂