Once Packed

I was trying to organize my stuff today… Trying to make everything clean again. Putting the remnant of yours  into boxes.

Your cup, the cute pink teddy bear you gave to me on my birthday, your letter.

Your smell.

Your breath.

Your words.

Your promises.

It’s still in my room all this time.

The funny thing is the heavier the box, the lighter I become.

I’m not trying to throw you away. I want to put you in a better place.


Because eventually, it’s where you belong all this time.


Pulang Kampung Ke Inggris.

Pengennya. Sigh.

Hi, Master.

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? Halo mas-mas pencari b*kep dan mbak-mbak pencari gombalan yang disesatkan oleh Google. Puhat!

Master, kamu ga nyapa aku?

Oh. Hi.

Berbulan-bulan Master ga pernah nyentuh aku, apalagi nengok, dan sekarang bilang pengen pulang kampung ke Inggris. Pulang sana!

Oh, shut up you. *lempar tulang*

Wuff wuff! Wait, I’m not a…


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