Hello, internet people!

You’re an arse.

You are a fictional character of my mind that, I, “magically” turn you alive in this blog as a persona of my other self because I’m that lonely, so please, language. By the way, kita perlu pilih nama yang okeh buat lo.

You sound crazy and desperately lonely. Why we need to name me?

Because I said so. Now, gue bakal mulai blogging dan lo mulai pilih nama. Go surf the internet. Jangan tenggelam.

Internet, here I come!

Sebenarnya selama ini banyak sekali postingan blog yang udah gue tulis, tapi semua cuma tersimpan manis di draft. Kenapa ga gue publish? Mungkin karena materi di dalamnya so dark and depressing. Gue ga yakin postingan semacam itu pantas ada di blog ini yang isinya curhat colongan dan jungkir balik kepala gue.

Sorry to inform you, tapi Master sekarang juga lagi curhat.

Yeah, I know. Shut up. Udah dapet nama?

Gimana kalo Samantha?


Iya, kayak di film Hers.

No, I won’t name you Samantha. We are NOT and WILL NOT have you named Samantha.


Gue ga mau punya romantic relationship with my own mind.


Find another name.

So yeah, blog ini dari awal pembuatannya emang buat curcol terselubung sebagai “teman” yang nemenin gue di saat gue beradaptasi di tempat baru dan lingkungan baru. Seeing the world in different point of view. Lepasin pikiran liar gue menjalar bebas. It was always fun, but it gradually became darker as time goes by. Gue ga suka itu.

Is it part of growing up?

Old. Growing old. It’s growing older in your case now, Master.

Kenyataan ini pahit.


Hi Blog: Back to Basic

Nice to see that there’s still some people visiting this blog. Somehow I’m not really surprised anymore when some lewd keywords that directed the visitor to this blog. Again as usual, this blog has no such of content.

Oh, btw, HELLO!

Master… you’re back?

Yes, I’m back my loved one. For you.

I-I don’t know what to say.

You don’t need to say anything, I’m here aren’t I? It’s all that matter.

I’m happy, Master. :’)

You should be, because I’ve spent my nights doing “spring-cleaning” on you. This blog was too messy.

Like your mind perhaps?


Baca lebih lanjut

Once Packed

I was trying to organize my stuff today… Trying to make everything clean again. Putting the remnant of yours  into boxes.

Your cup, the cute pink teddy bear you gave to me on my birthday, your letter.

Your smell.

Your breath.

Your words.

Your promises.

It’s still in my room all this time.

The funny thing is the heavier the box, the lighter I become.

I’m not trying to throw you away. I want to put you in a better place.


Because eventually, it’s where you belong all this time.

Pride & Prejudice

You must know.

Surely you must know, it was all for you.
You are too generous to triffle with me.
If, your feelings still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed.
But one word from you will silence me forever.
If, however, your feelings have changed… I would have to tell you.
You have bewitched me, body and soul,
and I love…
I love…
I love you.
I never wish to be parted from this day on.

Salah satu favorit scene yang gue suka dari film Pride & Prejudice (2005). Scene dimana Mr. Darcy mengatakan bahwa, setelah berbagai kesalah pahaman yang terjadi dan fiasco diantara keluarga mereka, perasaannya terhadap Ms. Bennett (Elizabeth) tidak tergoyahkan sedikit pun.

Good movie to watch in this February. It still Frebuary, right? Lover month and all… 🙂

Master, kamu kembali?

Have fun watching!

Loading. Loaded.

He is walking forward tracing his steps.

Round and round, step by step, waiting.

He hold it, hold it, hold it.

His old friend approaching, smile, and sit.

Wondering if it has to give him a hand or embrace him at the road end.

“I’m not alone. I’m carrying the baggage, he’s back,” It said.

He’s back.

He’s back

He is back

It smiles in black, in red, in grey

One step further, kissing the prey

Spinning circle, he is the grey